Tell Legislators:
"Enough Is Enough”

Our Deficient Roads Cost Average
Des Moines Drivers Over $1,360 Per Year In Vehicle Damage, Lost Time, and Wasted Fuel.

Visit to identify your representatives and courteously share your thoughts about Iowa’s unsafe and underfunded roads and bridges.


ICPA 50th Annual Concrete Paving Workshop Breaks Record Attendance

On January 29-31, 2014, nearly 700 transportation leaders and builders gathered to exchange information and recognize last year’s exceptional construction projects. The Iowa Concrete Paving Association (ICPA) hosted its 50th Annual Concrete Paving Workshop, which each year attracts the Midwest’s top engineers, highway officials, contractors, and consultants.  Read More...


Celebrating 50 Years and a Lifetime of Concrete

Time moves quickly. We don’t realize how much the world and our industry have changed. We have to put the years into perspective to really understand the changes. Just like pictures of your children, you don’t see the day-to-day changes until you look back at the images from the past. Read More...


ICPA Golf Outing - A 50th Anniversary Celebration!

ICPA Golf Outing Results On August 22, Coldwater Golf Links hosted this year’s ICPA Golf Outing – A 50th Anniversary Celebration. Nineteen teams followed the concrete paths and gathered at the completion of 18 holes for a chipotle steak dinner and prizes. Read More & See Photos...